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The Curvy Girl Anthem

Body crazy, curvy, wavy, body-ody-ody-ody-ody…We’re only a little bit (ok, a lot-a-bit) obsessed with Megan Thee Stallion! If you haven’t heard her song “Body” yet, get on it sis! It is the confidence anthem, making you feel like the hot girl you are!

As a body positive boudoir studio, we are singularly focused on being as representative as possible! We want women to come to our blog, to our website, to be in our group, and see the images of other women like them. To see the videos from behind-the-scenes, to see the before and after images, and to see women just like them taking the leap in YES!

At AshLyn Boudoir Photography we strive to support you in your journey to self acceptance and then onward to self love. We do not dismiss your fears, traumas, or misgivings, but rather guide you into a safe space of slowly beginning to heal and release those self imposed perceptions that are holding you back. Saying YES to boudoir is the first step in a beautiful journey.

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