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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Boudoir Photographer

We have heard from many Phoenix lingerie boutique owners that their clients often come in looking for pieces to wear for upcoming shoots, and to be frank, they're completely lost! We get it! Booking your session can seem like the easy part when you're now faced with ALL that comes with a boudoir session! From choosing your hair and makeup team, to finding the right lingerie, to deciding if you should wax or tan or get false lashes; it's a lot to consider but with these 5 tips from our boudoir team, you will be a boudoir expert in no time!

Consideration #1

They have reviews AND Testimonials on their website

Nothing tells of the client experience better or louder than reviews and testimonials! What are clients saying? Pay close attention to the commonalities you may find in these reviews. Did they have fun? Did they feel relaxed? Are they happy with the end results? Was the photographer personable and professional? Get on those reviews gal!

Consideration #2

Diversity of client base

A professional boudoir photographer will have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours in mentorships, classes, and conventions perfecting the art of posing ALL bodies. When choosing YOUR photographer, ensure that their portfolio showcases a well rounded example of work. Also, consider their overall BODY message, does their message match their portfolio? So often, as artists, we are inadvertently expected to showcase a particular look to be considered an excellent artist, however this approach does not align with the often times, loud body positive message being shared by most boudoir photographers. Boudoir can be an incredible gift, but like all things, when done ignorantly it can cause harm and trauma.

Consideration #3

Guidance and Support

Your boudoir photographer should offer a significant amount of guidance and support from the moment you hop onto the consultation call to the moment you book and beyond. There is so much to consider before booking, however the considerations grow exponentially once the booking is complete, and a professional photographer will be prepared! With a client wardrobe and/or extensive styling guide, with an in studio Hair and Make-up team or a preferred vendors list, with a prep guide filled with do's and don'ts for the time leading up to your session; if your photographer cannot support you leading up to your session, I assure you that they will struggle to support you DURING your session.

Consideration #4

The Consultation Process

The consultation process is perhaps one of the most important times in your booking experience; this is the time that you and your photographer get to connect, share, and hopefully build a bond. Now, as a business, I 100% get the appeal of automated bookings, of online scheduling, or of texting and emails...believe me, I do! And while all of those options may very well seemingly save time, they could end up costing you in the end. Request a call, have an open conversation (hopefully led by them!) regarding your trepidations or fears, what excites you about boudoir, why now, any past experience you've had with boudoir, your expectations, etc. By the end of the call you should be 100% confident that you will have fun, be safe, and be presented art to last a lifetime!

Consideration #5

Lighting and Editing

Most of these tips have been regarding the experience, however this last tip is regarding the OUTCOME of your boudoir session. In finding your perfect match, we recommend checking out many photographer's work to get a good idea of what kind of photography you prefer. So often we've heard that client's went with who they thought they could afford but ended up feeling like it cost them so much more than money. Dark and shadowy using light to contour the body, or maybe light and bright and commercial looking. Pearls and roses or leather and lace? Crisp images or soft images. Bright and colorful editing or darker and muted tones? Ensure your photographer produces the look you are attracted to, consistently. Requesting to see full galleries is an excellent way to ensure consistency of editing.

Ultimately, we could go on for a minimum of 10 more considerations, however, for now we will leave you with this.

Boudoir SHOULD be an opportunity to step out of our often time skewed perspectives of ourselves and into the perspective of your photographer. Your experience and images should feel like art, like an awakening, and should leave you feeling like the GODDESS you are.

For booking details or questions, please email our team at or visit to learn more about the experience we offer!

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