I've been a Photographer, in one capacity or another, my entire life and, though the world may have seen me as a mother, a wife, a friend, a business owner, I started to wonder how I saw me. I started to care about my experience of me. And so I manifested the opportunity to explore myself in this new and powerful way, and in doing so, found my life's passion.


The boudoir experience offers people a unique foray into who they really are. For some, it is reconnecting to that person, for others it's meeting that person for the first time, and the magical wonderful beautiful thing about it is...either way you get the opportunity to decide who you are and can take that intention out into the world afterward.


We dance, we laugh, we get glowed up, we take breathtaking images, but most of all, we get to see ourselves how the world sees us: bright, powerful, and shining.

My Advice: Don't wait. Don't wait for the perfect weight, or the mommy-makeover, or for that special anniversary. Every stage of YOU is beautiful and should be honored. Boudoir is for every BODY. Boudoir is for YOU!.